Smart Contract: NFT Minting

A simple smart contract built following the EIP721 protocol and using the Open Zepplin platform for minting an NFT collection. In order to interact with this contract you should have an Ethereum browser and some gEth in your wallet to mint tokens.

Blockchain: Ethereum Dex

A full scale crypto currency exchange built on the Ethereum block chain using Solidity, Web3 and React. I created this project as part of a tutorial from DAPP University.

Ohm Calculator

A React app for calculating the amount of resistance in ohm’s in a resistor based on the color combination that is on the resistor.

Music Master

A React.js app that allows users to lookup info on their favorite music artists and preview the artist’s catalog.

Color Picker

A React.js app that allows users to view and copy colors from a selection of multiple palettes.