I am an avid developer who loves "Ah ha" moments and getting understanding. See some of my practice exercises and projects that I've worked on overtime below. Thank you for stopping by.

Coding Exercises

To-Do List

A simple app built with React to list all of the events that you need to do for the day, week, and month.


Like the game you used to play.

Lights Out

Can you turn out all of the lights and win? Give it a try. Built with React.

Dad Jokes

Dad jokes, don’t we love them. You don’t want to laugh but you kind of do, and you’re laughing at other people’s reaction or lack there of rather. Either way dig into these dad jokes, rate them and share with your friends. Uses React and icanhazdadjoke api.

Projects I've built

Decentralized DropBox Clone

A decentralized file storage system. This project is from a tutorial originally taught on Dapp University.

Ohm Calculator

A React app for calculating the amount of resistance in ohm’s in a resistor based on the color combination that is on the resistor.

Music Master

A React.js app that allows users to lookup info on their favorite music artists and preview the artist’s catalog.

Color Picker

A React.js app that allows users to view and copy colors from a selection of multiple palettes.