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Tunji Teaches Tension

“I only use resistance Bands-and push ups”   I ran into an old friend in the grocery store and had the chance to catch up with him a little. While we were talking he mentioned that he only uses resistance bands during his exercises. It was surprising to me because he looked to be in […]

10 Home workouts you can start today

1. Squats   2. Jumping Lunges Hopefully you live down stairs or your neighbors understand that good things require sacrifice.   3. Push Ups This is a classic and timeless workout and is also a great metric for true strength. Go for a set that you can handle, that wont completely exhaust you or injure […]

Becky! Look at her…

Butttt!! That’s right. We men aren’t supposed to look but Becky sure can. And whoever is or isn’t looking if your looking to tone, shape and possibly augment your rear area these workouts will help. Try them on a consistent basis and observe the growth. VERSION 1 Donkey Kicks (slow) Kneeling Squats Sumo Squats w/ […]

In time for Turkey

The time of the year when we give thanks and feast on our favorites is around the corner. Reportedly the average person will gain 7-10 lbs around this time of year. No need to worry though, have as much turkey, ham, stuffing, greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes and whatever else you have been looking forward to. […]

Zapping Love Handles

Have you tried getting rid of your love handles and they seem to just hang around like unwanted guest. Are you not so in love with your “Love Handles”. Understandable. Whether you don’t like them or simply want to change your aesthetic, here are some exercises you can do that with consistency will help you […]

Getting fit with Faith.Focus.Finish

I recently had the chance to catch up with an old class mate by the name of Sky Simmons aka @faithfoucusfinish. We had the chance to discuss the role of fitness in his life and what his journey looks like. Of course we had to get some good work in after it was all said […]

Getting Big: Week 2

Week 2! Let’s Go! In my blog posts I will be sharing my workouts as well as my meal choices and how my body feels after workouts and through out the process. Here we go.   Workout Bench Press- 3 sets of 10 on 275 lbs Incline Press- 3 sets of 10 on 185 lbs […]